Xbox One X: Microsoft chief hints future games could run exclusively on 4K console


The head of Xbox has opened the door for titles running exclusively on the new Xbox One X console in the future.

The new £450 machine, which goes on sale on Tuesday, is billed as “the world’s most powerful console”, with major processing and graphics improvements that allow games to run in 4K definition.

But despite the power improvements, Microsoft has stipulated that games enhanced to take advantage of the Xbox One X’s extra muscle must also run on the Xbox One and Xbox One S, Microsoft’s less powerful and cheaper consoles.

The policy is designed to ensure that gamers are still able to play all new games and not lose out if they have opted for the cheaper machines, and means that game developers can reach the widest audience possible.

But Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s executive vice president for gaming, said in an interview with The Telegraph that the situation could change in the future.

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