This Four-Ingredient Wonder Drink Helps Boost Digestion And Weight Loss


honeyHoney and ginger together are said to do wonders for the digestive system and also help in stimulating the body’s metabolism

Here’s how you can make this four-ingredient drink:



To start with, take a container and add water to it. Bring it to a boil. Once this is done, add in ginger and allow it to boil till it gives a nice aroma. Now, add honey, turmeric and apple cider vinegar to the water. Give the mixture a nice stir and it’s done.

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ginger waterThe combination of these four ingredients helps in the cleansing process and acts as a detox drink as well

Note: Apple cider vinegar and ginger are strong in nature. It is advised to consume this drink after consulting a certified dietician/nutritionist.

So, give a boost to your weight loss journey with this easy-to-make four-ingredient drink and get going!


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