Medical startup raises £15m for augmented reality surgery headsets


A London startup developing holographic surgery headsets has raised $20m (£15m) from the backers of Facebook’s Oculus headset.

Touch Surgery, founded by two former surgeons, plans to use the funds to launch an “augmented reality” tool that trains medics on the finer points of surgery. Wearing a Microsoft Hololens headset, they would see a live video feed of a professional surgeon, overlaid with virtual guides to how the surgery is performed.

The funding was led by US venture capital firm 8VC, a San Francisco fund whose founders invested in Oculus VR before Facebook acquired it for $2bn in 2014.

It brings Touch Surgery’s total raised to $30m, following previous backing from London venture fund Balderton Capital.

Touch Surgery was founded in 2013 and its current app provides video tutorials of hundreds for surgical procedures.

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