iPhone 8: Rumours, release date and everything you need to know


Apple is gearing up to release its new iPhone in a few week’s time. The upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to mark a radical change for the company as it seeks to wow users with a 10th anniversary device that takes it in a new direction.

The iPhone 8, if indeed it is called that, has been rumoured to include features such as wireless charging, an edge-to-edge display and – for the first time – no home button. Here’s what we’re expecting from the iPhone 8 release.

When will it be released?

Apple has developed a pretty reliable release pattern. A new iPhone tends to be unveiled in early September, either on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Perhaps by coincidence, it often tends to be the week after IFA, a big technology conference in Germany, which this year starts on September 1. That means the best guess is Tuesday September 5 or Wednesday September 6. Because the Monday is a US holiday, the Wednesday might be more likely.

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