Information Commissioner warns MPs over sharing passwords


“The news that MPs regularly share their passwords with members of their staff is an example of the dangers caused by the mentality that ‘it won’t happen to me’, or ‘it won’t happen to me again’,” warned Raj Samani, chief scientist at McAfee.

“In this case, the need for teams to easily and quickly access email, social media, or other information has clearly become more of a priority than securing data.  

“The House of Commons needs to take steps to ensure that MPs are appropriately educated on the dangers of sharing their passwords. It is clear that better cyber education policy is needed in government”.

The Information Commissioner said MPs sharing passwords were potentially breaching data protection regulations which are in place to protect digital information.

By receiving personal emails from their constituents, they are in charge of making sure their personal details are kept secret – something that becomes increasingly difficult the more a password login is shared around. 

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