Here’s Why Some People Never Get Fat Even Though They Eat A Lot


We all have that one friend who eats like there’s no tomorrow but still manages to be lean and thin, for god knows how! Be it cheese loaded fries or a double cheese burger, they end up eating them all and gain no weight at all. On the other hand, there are some people who gain tons of weight, just by the mere thought of eating like that! Many of you must be thinking that such people are blessed. Well, say no more! We have finally understood the big secret behind it. It’s no rocket science but you will still be amazed to know how exactly they manage to do this.

A Psychological Approach

The way you think can make a lot of difference. To summarize this in a short and crisp manner; you have to look at how you approach your cravings. Sounds confusing? Fret not, we’re here to explain. The two key things here are hunger and appetite. The fundamental difference between these two terms is quite similar yet different at the same time. Hunger is the physical want to eat; whereas appetite is more of a psychological desire to eat. However, people often confuse the two and end up eating more than what they actually should be eating.

 mid night hunger pangsHunger is the physical want to eat
Why In A Rush?

Take it slow. This is the mantra of people who are thin and fit. People who chew more while eating at a slower pace do not tend to gain much weight as it is more likely that the brain will signal their body sooner that they are full. This way you will eat less and still feel full. Similar techniques are also present in the ancient Hindu and Chinese teachings.

Enough And Proper Sleep

Cortisol is a hormone that instigates hunger and makes it difficult for the body to metabolize carbs and fats. Lack of sleep leads to production of these hormones which can do more harm to your body than doing good.

 signs that tell you if youre sleep deprivedLack of sleep leads to production of cortisol.
It’s All About NEAT!

No-no! You don’t need to be a clean-freak like Monica (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.). NEAT is actually an acronym for Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It does sound all fancy but it’s nothing but the body movements that don’t qualify as traditional and conventional exercises. Like walking around while talking over the phone, twirling your fingers while sitting etc. According to American Council on Exercise, NEAT can increase your metabolism by up to 50%! Now, that’s a really huge percentage.

 weight loss obesity exerciseNEAT is actually an acronym for Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis.​

Hormones Play A Great Role

Leptin (also known as starvation Hormone) signals your brain whether you have enough energy or not to perform the routine tasks. So, people who are thin have a higher leptin sensitivity or production which makes it easier for them to lose weight and control cravings too.

These are the reasons why some people easily defy the fundamental rules of weight gain. If you are looking out for ways to do the same, even you can try out few of these.

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