Google pulls YouTube from Amazon TV boxes amid bitter feud


Google has taken a swipe at Amazon by pulling its hugely popular YouTube service from Amazon’s Echo and Fire streaming devices.

The tech giant has cut access to YouTube on Amazon’s Echo Show, the company’s screen equipped smart spearker, and plans to block the video-sharing service on Amazon Fire, its TV streaming device, from January 1. 

Amazon branded the removal of YouTube – which boasts one billion users and is one of the most popular apps on Amazon’s devices for watching music videos and cookery tutorials – as “disappointing”. 

The tech giants have historically not competed, but their businesses are increasingly overlapping as they both move into hardware and services. Amazon’s Prime Video service, which the company has not made available for Google’s Chromecast TV streaming device, is a direct rival to YouTube.

Amazon does not sell the Chromecast and has recently removed smart home products made by Nest, owned by Google parent Alphabet, from its online store. Nor does it sell the Google Home, a smart speaker rival to Amazon’s Echo.

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