Fake iPhone chargers ‘risk fire and lethal electric shocks’ 


Counterfeit iPhone chargers may be a cheaper alternative to Apple’s products, but customers may suffer severe injuries or be risking their lives by using them, a charity has warned.

Electrical Safety First, who conducted a series of safety tests on fake iPhone chargers purchased in the UK, found that 98 per cent of the chargers tested could cause a fire or deliver a lethal electric shock.

Of the 50 brands tested, all but one failed one or more of the tests and more than one in three chargers failed every part of the safety screening – a worrying prospect for anyone who has purchased a replacement charger online.

In some cases the chargers came from sellers who claimed they were genuine Apple products.

It is not the first survey  of its kind to yield such concerning results. The US consumer product safety organisation, Underwriters Laboratory tested 400 counterfeit and lookalike Apple chargers last year and found a 99 per cent failure rate.

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