Artificial intelligence: The saviour of mankind or the end of the world?


The inequality will be caused by “the amount of jobs [artificial intelligence] is going to take away and so on. There is no question” technology will eliminate jobs, he told CNN.

He is also sceptical that AI can beat human instinct when it come to business.  “We must not forget that unlike machines that ‘think’, only humans have the ability to look at an idea or market opportunity and say ‘to hell with the data. Maybe this doesn’t work in theory, but my gut tells me it will work in practice’,” he wrote in a blog.  

Nick Bostrom

Nick Bostrom, director of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, has also expressed fears about artificial intelligence if it is not handled very carefully.  In his 2014 book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies, Bostrom warns that AI could dispose of humans, resulting in a world that would see “economic miracles and technological awesomeness, with nobody there to benefit,” like “a Disneyland without children.”

“Before the prospect of an intelligence explosion, we humans are like small children playing with a bomb,” he writes. 

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