Amazon designs self-destructing drones that split apart to avoid falling into crowds


“The use of UAVs is accompanied by the need for new solutions to various problems such as service disruptions due to unsuitable weather conditions, equipment malfunctions and other problems.”

Most Amazon customers receive their Amazon packages by van delivery, but the marketplace hopes to convince shoppers to opt for its super speedy drone service in the future. 

It has already began kitting out secretive warehouses and fulfilment centres that are located in areas close enough to fly drones to customers. 

The vehicles, which can travel for 10 miles or 30 minutes, face potential problems in urban areas, where there are more hazards and it is more difficult to find warehouse space.

To counteract this it has designed blimp-shaped floating warehouses that sit thousands of feet in the air, from which it could dispatch swarms of delivery drones to metropolitan areas.

Another novel patent filing includes plans to create nine-storey beehive-like depots. 

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