A New Trend In Delhi, Now You Can Have Hot Chocolate In An Ice Cream Cone


“Other things are just food, but chocolate’s chocolate”, says Patrick Skene Catling. This line pretty much says a lot about how chocolate is different from the rest. People who have a sweet tooth often satisfy their cravings by indulging into chocolates. Be it summers or winters, chocolate is loved and relished by people throughout every season; sometimes in the form of an ice cream and sometimes as a hot chocolate drink. With the increasing love for chocolates among more and more people, the city has come up with a new trend which is sure to get every chocolate lover crazy! Now people can savour their favourite hot chocolate in an ice cream cone. Yes, you read that right! It may sound like a joke at first, but it’s really not. This hot chocolate in cone is perfect to have in this chilly weather. It is like a fusion of the two seasons all together, while cone reminds you of the ice cream and the classic chocolate drink of the fall season. It’s as interesting as its name suggest. The hot chocolate is served in a waffle cone which is frozen¬†with a thick chocolate layer, which makes the hot chocolate stay inside the cone for a longer period of time.

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Delhiites rejoice, because this gorgeous drink has made its way through Delhi NCR. If you wish to experience this chocolaty delight then head to The Icekreamist, which is located in Select City Mall of Saket. It’s like a dream come true for any dessert lover, especially in winters when the delicious hot chocolate can uplift the gloomy feel in no time. This hot chocolate made its debut at the Dessertarian Fest. It is an absolute must try in this nippy weather, so go and grab it!


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